2D/3D Printing and Digital Material Deposition

Drop On Demand (DOD) electromagnetic dispensing systems

The SK-DOD-D drive modules can be configured to operate various types of injecting / dosing heads that use electromagnetic valves or micro motors to control flow of material. Drives contain dedicated reprogrammable channels for each dispensing nozzle providing up to approximately 2000 drops per second with output drive current up to 3A per channel. Each drive can operate up to 8 nozzles and the drives can be stacked to work with almost any total number of nozzles.

The SK-DOD-M print controllers are used to synchronize timing of drops firing with the dispensing heads motion. A special processing algorithm allows accurate positioning of drops regardless of locations of individual nozzles in the dispensing assembly that simplifies mechanical design of the system. This also can provide increased dpi resolution even with nozzles separated by wider spaces.

Controllers for piezoelectric dispensing systems

SK-PD-D drives and SK-PD-M print controllers are used for dispensing systems based on piezoelectric jetting elements and in particular for inkjet printheads. The drop firing frequency can exceed 50 kHz, though this depends on drop size. Each print controller can support up to 8 drives. The print controllers can be stacked to provide any necessary total printing width. The operation of drives and print controllers can be fine-tuned through firmware to ensure best performance of the jetting elements for particular conditions or dispensed material.

Universal process controller

SK-UPC module is designed to provide a flexible solution for various tasks related to the printing process. Among such tasks are motion control, system components monitoring and communication with production PLC. The module has a color LCD touchscreen for operator, contains a number of optoisolated inputs, powerful outputs and processing of quadrature encoder signals. Communication with external devices can be provided through USB, CAN-BUS, LAN and RS232/422/485. Any controller firmware modifications or upgrades can be quickly loaded from PC adjusting to the changes in the manufacturing process when this becomes necessary.


All control electronics is supplied with compatible software packages that include programming tools for managing 2D/3D printed layouts, fine-tuning print parameters, synchronizing with product motion and interacting with production line PLC. The software / firmware can be easily reconfigured for different tasks and when necessary extended with custom built parts to meet specific requirements of the user.

Custom designed controllers and specialized electronics

In addition to the readily available modules custom made electronics can be designed and manufactured in shot time to address any tasks specific to the particular manufacturing site. Among such tasks are signal conditioning, assistance in motion control, communication between parts of the system, process monitoring etc. The custom made electronic modules are supplied with necessary software pieces for proper integration with main control system.